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Wing Tsun Australia - The leader in quality self defence education

Realistic self-defence for men and women

The art of fighting without fighting yourself

A perfect combination of rigorous and delicate moves, Wing Chun / WingTsun practitioners rely on using the strength of their attacker to their advantage. Bruce Lee, a WingTsun student himself, understood WingTsun highest principles when he said, “be like water my friend”. Designed to work with the energy and force of the aggressor and not against it by using fluid and articulate movements, concepts and principles, which enable you to take full control of the situation.

A compact self defense system

As a compact self-defense system, Wing Chun or as we call it WingTsun has been developed into a practical and effective no nonsense style that is suited to anybody regardless of his or her physical stature or previous experiences. Important for all good martial arts/self-defence styles or systems is that the student learns to use all their natural physical tools, in the right place and at the right time. Unlike other martial art forms WingTsun is not only about physical skill and strength, but a major part of the self defense dynamics also relies on mental awareness and fortitude. WingTsun teaches you that.

Power packed training programs

Our primary training methods provides a diverse mix of skill development programs,  co- ordination and reflex training for muscle memory. These skills are then applied to scenario training programs, where the student learns the reflexive physical responses to potentially violent and aggressive situations, how these situations evolve and escalate, as well as the psychological aspects that lie behind these encounters.
The training programs are a unique blend of both the modern and traditional aspects of martial art and self defense.

Learn from the best

All the instructors under go rigourous and intensive training at the WingTsun Head Quarters in Australia, which was established 20 years ago. Instructors are not only chosen for their physical skill but also their ability to comprehend and transmit the system to students. Regardless of which school you choose to learn from around Australia, the programs and individual attention to detail of the students progress is uniform throughout the country.

Free Training

We are offering a one-week free training period for everyone who signs up for our demo evening. During the first week you will be familiarized with Wing Tsun and the fighting principles and philosophy behind it. You will also get a chance to observe advanced WingTsun classes and the students in action. To know more sign up for our demo evening or call us at 1300 134 480 to know more.


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